Outsourcing Video Editing Services: A Complete Guide on How to Find a Good Video Editor

outsourcing video editing service

Video editing is an art; only an artist, aka an expert video editor, can do it like a maven. You are here because there are tons of other tasks on your plate. You don’t have time to manage a YouTube channel and trim your favorite videos like a pro. 

You never thought you needed video editing services for your business. But we hear you.  Now you don’t need to do all your tasks yourself. We are here to bring your content to life so let us take your stress. Outsourcing video editing services to professionals helps you nourish your audience with fresh content and expand your business like never before. 

Whether you are a small business owner or a big corporation, in this foolproof guide, you will discover how to find a good video editor without spending hours on research.

Let’s dive in.

Step By Step Guide On How To Outsource Video Editing Services

For instance, you have decided to outsource unlimited video editing services. What would be the next step? The next step is to pick the best fit for this job. What if you can’t find the exemplary editor service? What if they are not good enough or you can’t afford them? 

Hiring a video editor is a challenging task. You have to consider a lot of important pointers. You need on-time delivery, high-quality production and affordable prices. So we have covered all your questions in our guide.

In this guide, you will learn

  1. 7 Factors to consider when choosing a video editor for YouTube
  2. Type of video editors you must know (pros/cons)
  3. 10 places to quickly find freelance video editors
  4. How to pay your editor easily 
  5. Top 8 reasons why you should outsource your video editing services
  6. Take your pick

So, without any further ado, let’s explore our comprehensive guide. 

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Video Editor for YouTube

Outsourcing video editing services is the best option for any business. It frees up your time, brings you more followers and helps you earn more. But before hiring a video editor, you must analyze the service you choose is the best fit for your business.

7 factors you must consider when hiring a video editor:

Output Quality

Poor video editing service can cost you an arm and a leg. Prioritize a service that maintains high output quality, ensuring your videos look professional. Because if you compromise over quality, you will risk your business and lose your potential followers.


Who doesn’t want reliability? Reliability is one of the critical aspects of any service provider. In the case of video editors, most of the editors run away after taking money or just over-commit and under-deliver. What if the editor you hire doesn’t deliver the video on time? What if they don’t produce quality work? To solve this problem, you must do a background check and research the service provider before hiring. Check their previous work history and client reviews to assess reliability.

Quicker turnaround times 

When you talk about quick turnaround times, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  To speed up the editing process, reduce the editing time and high-quality editing. Before hiring an editor, make sure they won’t miss the deadline. In this competitive world, where everyone is leveraging video content, the faster you deliver your content, the more your audience will engage with you. 

Formats Compatibility

Check the accepted file formats, as it impacts video size and upload speed. Choosing formats that align with your preferred sharing platforms will streamline the uploading process. We offer our clients the best formats that work seamlessly for their requirements.  

Budget-friendly option

Every creator wants to hire a video editing service that fits their budget. Compare the pricing of different video editing services and assess what they offer for the cost. Calculate the length and frequency of your videos to find the most suitable option.

User-friendly Interface

When choosing an outsourcing service, never compromise on the user interface. Instead, opt for a video editing service with a user-friendly interface allowing efficient and faster video production. Features like preview options and update capabilities add convenience.

Hire an editor who understands your business 

What if you could hire an editor like you who understands your business? An experienced editor understands your desired medium and knows what works and what doesn’t. He can bring you results in no time. It is a win-win situation for both you and the editor. You will save time, effort and money. While the editor will produce high-quality video content with the least effort. 

These are just a few crucial factors that you must consider. Now that you know the elements, let’s discuss the type of video editors available. It will help you find the finest video editing services that fit your Youtube channel’s requirements.

Types Of Video Editors

Before hiring a video editor, you must understand different terms to choose the right video editor.  When finding the right video editor for your YouTube videos, you have several options to consider. 

DIY video editor 

The first is the DIY approach, where you or your team handles all the video editing while juggling other tasks. While this option may give you complete control, it can be time-consuming and result in low-quality edits.


  • Cost-saving: Editing your content eliminates hiring external editors, saving money.
  • Control: You have complete control over the editing process, ensuring your vision is executed.
  • Immediate changes: the best part is you can make quick edits without relying on external parties.


  • Quality concerns: Inexperience might affect the overall quality of the final video.
  • Limited expertise: DIY editors may lack the advanced skills and techniques of professional editors.

Outsourced video editors

Another approach is Outsourced video editors from reputable companies. It could be a great choice if you prefer a more comprehensive service. 


  • Access to a team: Outsourcing companies offer a pool of skilled editors to handle your projects.
  • Scalability: You can adjust the level of editing support as your needs change over time.
  • Efficient workflow: These companies specialize in editing and streamlining the process.
  • Consistent quality: Professional editing services ensure consistent quality in your videos.


  • Reliance on external providers: You depend on the outsourcing company’s availability and responsiveness.
  • Cost considerations: While scalable, ongoing outsourcing might incur higher costs than other options.
  • Creative alignment: Finding an outsourcing company that matches your brand’s creative vision can be challenging.

Freelance video editor

Hiring a freelance video editor is another option. Freelancers are typically former full-time professionals who have ventured solo and now work with a select group of clients. 


  • Professional expertise: Freelancers bring professional-level editing skills to your videos.
  • Flexibility: Hiring freelancers allows you to engage their services project-by-project. You can use multiple freelancing platforms to find a diverse range of freelance editors.
  • Customization: You can choose a freelancer whose style aligns with your brand and content.
  • Time-saving: Outsourcing editing tasks allows you to focus on other aspects of content creation.


  • Cost: Hiring freelancers can be expensive, especially for high-quality work. But the quality of their work is worth the investment.
  • Availability: Freelancers may have other commitments and might not always be available when needed.

Full-time video editor

Hiring a full-time video editor is worth considering for a long-term and dedicated solution. With a full-time editor, you have someone solely focused on your projects, providing consistency and reliability. However, remember the administrative responsibilities, such as managing payroll and benefits.


  • Dedicated support: Having a full-time editor means consistent and immediate editing assistance.
  • Team integration: A full-time editor can become integral to your content creation team.
  • Personalized style: Your dedicated editor can understand and deliver content per your preferences.
  • Faster turnaround: A full-time editor can work closely with you to speed up editing.


  • Higher costs: Employing a full-time editor entails regular salary and benefits expenses.
  • Dependency: Relying solely on one editor can lead to bottlenecks and delays if they are unavailable.

Ultimately, the type of video editor you choose depends on your needs and resources. Building a solid partnership with a skilled video editor can significantly enhance the quality and impact of your YouTube videos. 

So take the time to evaluate your options and hire a Youtube video editor that best suits your channel.

10 Places to Easily Find Freelance Video Editors for Business Video

In today’s digital age, finding a skilled freelance video editor for your project has become easier and more accessible. You can even see the potential candidate for your project on your mobile phone through various online platforms. 

Here are eight top places where you can discover the perfect video editor to meet your specific needs:


As the most popular job site for freelancers, Upwork boasts millions of video editing tasks posted by companies worldwide. You can easily browse through portfolios, ratings, and feedback from past clients to hire a video editor that aligns with your project requirements.


It is known as a leading job site for media production; ProductionHUB connects production companies and equipment providers with freelancers. You can find full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities here in your local area.


This platform helps you to explore freelance video editors under the video editing category. You can thoroughly review their profiles, skills, and previous client reviews before inviting them to submit proposals for your project.


Fiverr provides a wide range of skilled freelance video editors with different pricing options. You can review their profiles and choose the best fit based on their expertise and budget, ensuring your project is completed within your desired timeframe.


LinkedIn is a very underrated platform for finding freelancers. You can search for a video editor by location, experience, and even their current job position. For best results, post a job and let candidates apply. 


With Viedit, finding a freelance video editor is a breeze. You can browse through portfolios and select an editor with the right skills and experience for your specific project requirements.


This platform connects you with videographers, editors, and animators. You can easily compare portfolios and production costs to make an informed decision.


It is a popular platform for sharing and showcasing creative work. Many video editors and graphic designers also use this platform to create their portfolios. Behance offers various freelance video editor and production jobs. Note that listing a job on Behance may come with a higher fee. 


Catering specifically to the television and film industry, Mandy provides a comprehensive database of job postings and video production services. You can find highly qualified freelance video editors in the US and abroad.

Facebook Groups

There are different Facebook groups available you can join to find a freelancer. However, you need extensive research before hiring a video editor through Facebook. Before hiring check their previous work, reputation and experience. A short interview and a few questions can also be a good idea. 

These are the best platforms to help you tap into a global network of talented freelance video editors. With these platforms, you can ensure your projects are professionally edited and tailored to your unique vision and goals.

How To Pay Your Editor

Now, you have chosen the potential platform for your job posting and the best editor to hand over your project. But how to pay? There are two standard pay arrangements to consider: an hourly rate or a fixed rate. Each has pros and cons, so choosing the one that best aligns with your needs is essential.

Hourly Rate

With an hourly rate payment structure, you compensate your video editor for their time working on your project. They can track their hours independently or use software to monitor their work.


  • You only pay for the hours worked, which is beneficial if the project scope changes or you need to cancel or adjust the project last minute.
  • Flexibility in terms of working hours.


  • Projects may take longer to complete as there is no direct incentive for the editor to finish quickly.
  • There is a risk of going over budget if the editor works more hours than initially estimated.

Fixed Rate

A fixed-rate agreement involves paying your editor a predetermined amount for the entire project, regardless of the time it takes.


  • Ideal for projects with a strict budget, as you know the exact cost upfront.
  • Editors have an incentive to be efficient and deliver the work promptly.


  • Less flexibility if the project scope changes, as the fixed rate may need to be renegotiated.
  • The editor might rush through the work to save time, potentially compromising quality.

How to Finalize Payment with a Contract

After agreeing with your editor on the payment structure and other relevant details, writing everything with a contract is crucial. This contract should outline payment terms, work expectations, deliverables, and other arrangements.

If you’re using platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, they have built-in contract systems to facilitate the process. Otherwise, you can use various applications to create a contract that complies with local labor laws and enables multiple payment methods.

When carefully considering the payment arrangement and having a well-defined contract, you can ensure a smooth and successful collaboration with your chosen video editor.

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Video Editing Services

Outsourcing professional video editing services offers several compelling reasons for your brand’s success:

Time Savings

With a busy schedule managing your brand and website content, learning video editing can be time-consuming. The dynamic nature of video editing demands up-to-date expertise, best handled by specialized services. So, if you can’t do it yourself, hire a Youtube editor to do the heavy lifting for you. 

Expertise On Demand

Hiring a real video editing expert can be costly, but affordable services offer top-notch quality rivaling more giant corporations. Partnering with creative and talented editors can be a long-term win-win. And the best thing is that you can access gifted people across the globe. 

Enhanced Storytelling

Professional editing transforms raw footage into captivating videos. They uncover the best storytelling angles and effects, creating engaging content for platforms like Instagram and Facebook. An expert video editing team can convert slang videos into stunning stories to engage your audience and encourage them to return for more.

Objective Perspective

In-house editing may lead to personal biases, resulting in longer, less effective videos. You have to invest in teams, resources, expensive software, etc. However, outsourced services offer an unbiased approach, ensuring concise and impactful content. 

Access to Global Markets

If you are a creator and want to reach a global audience, video content is a must for your business. Expanding your business may require videos tailored to specific markets. Outsourcing to professionals familiar with local customs and trends saves research time and ensures culturally relevant content.

Flexible Scheduling

In-house editing can create linear timetables, causing delays. Outsourcing provides flexibility, allowing you to continue digital marketing activities while coordinating video editing efficiently. You just have to tell the expert your time frame and they will be ready to deliver your project on time.


Setting up an in-house video editing unit incurs additional software, equipment, and training expenses. Affordable outsourcing eliminates these costs. The best part is you don’t have to worry about in-house team management and infrastructure. You will get your dream results at a fraction of the cost.

Excellent Return on Investment 

Outsourcing reduces initial investment costs significantly, producing superior results compared to in-house solutions. It allows you to focus on generating higher revenue for your brand’s success.

Take Your Pick

What could be better than a customized video editing service that understands your requirements and delivers the best results you expected? This guide is designed for everyone to decide on outsourcing video editing services. Whether you are a small business and want a video editor within your budget or a large enterprise looking for premium editing services, this guide answers all your questions. 

Just look at your business, the amount of content you need to create, and your desired goals. And then whether stick to it yourself with no prior experience or outsource video editing services to get instant results.

Work with us and choose the best video editing service that matches your unique expectations. Our team will guide you from the start of the project till the end. Not only that but if you need help after the project is completed, you will find our support at your doorstep. So take advantage of this premium opportunity and join us today for prime results. 

Why Choose Us?

In a sea of outsourcing options, we stand out with unmatched adaptability and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. 

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Dedicated Support: Your satisfaction is paramount. Whether you can’t communicate with your previous company or you are not satisfied with the outcome, we will be there for you. We offer a supervisor/project manager alongside the editor, ensuring smooth communication and addressing any concerns.

Highly Skilled Editors: Our editors come with a filmmaking background, ensuring top-notch expertise and precision in every project. So do not worry anymore about your video, rather do what makes you happy and let us take care of the rest.

Decade-long Experience: With over a decade in the industry, we have a deep understanding of social media algorithms, resulting in higher video retention rates. So when your competitors are lagging behind due to algorithm change you will be on top. 

Free Consultation: You like free things, right? So do we. Our free consultation will make you understand the process in detail. We care about your growth so the creators struggling to expand their content can benefit from our free consultation services.

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